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Let Your Weaknesses Improve Through Your Success

Let Your Weaknesses Improve Through Your Success

I have been thinking a lot about being successful this past week. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact we have 365 days in a year. That is 365 days we have a chance to make an impact in our own lives and to the people around us. Many of us, myself included, walk around wasting time feeling sorry about ourselves, because we focus on what we suck at! We spend so much time focusing on our weaknesses that we could be triple downing on our strengths and be absolutely crushing it.

Think about it! Everyone has one chance at life, one at bat, and no do-overs. That’s crazy! Every single day you wake up you have a chance to do something great with your life. Whether that is to make a million dollars or make one person smile, you decide! Yet, we sit obsessing over our weaknesses and our failures? We forget that happiness isn’t earned it is a perspective. So stop worrying about your weaknesses and start living your life focused on your strengths! Because when you do, you will be successful and no doubt happier.

Now, some of you may think I will never be successful. I am 25+, 30+, or even 50+ and still I haven’t done anything with my life. Wrong! Today is the day you start living then! No lead is safe in sports and that goes the same for life! If you want to lose weight, make money, volunteer, or whatever else you can think of its not too late.

Focus on your strengths and let your weaknesses improve through your success.

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