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Your Body Is Your Machine

Your Body is Your Machine

Why is exercise and your choice of food so important in living a healthy lifestyle? Before I answer that question I want to talk to you a little about vehicles. Now, we all have that one friend in our lives that knows everything about cars, trucks, motorcycles and every intricate detail that goes along with them. They seem to have a wealth of knowledge on almost everything from: the kind of engine, horsepower, top speeds, rim size and the list goes on. To the majority of people a vehicle is four wheels that gets you from point A to point B, but to these people they are a prized trophy. I personally have one of these friends and they ended up pursuing a career as a car mechanic. Seems fitting, right?

How does that relate to a healthy lifestyle? Let me explain to you how I view this topic. To people who know me, you’ll know, I love using a piece of exercise equipment called the TRX. If you are unfamiliar with what the TRX is, it is a suspension trainer that uses gravity and your own body weight as a way of exercise. One of the things I love about the TRX is their motto “Make your body your machine”. Just think about that for a second; if we start to view our bodies as a machine, we can start to break down why exercise and dietary choices are so important.

Often times when I am talking to my friend about his job and I cannot wait to hear about the horror stories that he comes across. I am glued to his explanation of how badly people have mistreated their vehicles or simply didn’t understand how to maintain them. However, I don’t recall ever hearing a descriptively entertaining story about a vehicle that was just in for a quick tune up. Let’s look how this ties in with our health.

Our choice of dietary consumption is critical for the body to perform optionally. Now image the feeling you would get owning your dream vehicle. For me that’s the Audi R8 Coupe FSI 5.2 Quattro. Top speed of 320 km/h, 0-100 km/h in 3.6 seconds, engine power of 560 horse power and a stunning frame that gives pedestrians wipe lash as they snap their heads back to catch a second glimpse of this amazing machine. Now, you can believe me or not but your body is like your dream vehicle. It is beautifully and uniquely made and was created to perform like a super car. Any car lover knows you would not put in regular gasoline, the wrong oil or stick a bumper sticker on that sucker. No, you are going out of your way to ensure that only top of the line products are going into your prized possession. You should view the foods you eat the same way. You need to consume the right carbohydrates, fats and protein to keep your body running on all cylinders. Now by consuming high fatty, sugary or processed foods in moderation aren’t going to hurt you. Just like if you put regular gasoline in a Ferrari it is not going to hurt the car. However, if you continue to put regular gas into the car its performance is going to suffer.

Exercise is also a key contributor to a healthy lifestyle. To some people exercise is intimating and they just aren’t good at it. Just think of it like this, if your car just sat in your parking lot lifeless. The car potential is lost. Our bodies have the ability to perform like supercars. You just need to hammer down the throttle and you’ll be blown away by what you can accomplish. Whether that’s through recreational actives, running, biking or hitting the gym let your supercar run free.

Remember your body is your dream car take care of it!

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